What to Look For in a Wedding Florist in Melbourne or Mornington Peninsula

From the bouquets and boutonnieres to the floral centrepieces for the tables, flowers are an integral part of any wedding day celebration. The right flowers can be an important part of creating the atmosphere that you want out of your ceremony and reception, which is why finding the right wedding florist is such an important part of the planning process. There are many things to take into consideration, such as the style or theme that you are interested in for your big day, as well as factors such as time constraints, seasonal availability, and budget. When seeking a wedding florist in Melbourne, Mornington Peninsula, or other surrounding areas, keep a few things in mind to ensure that you get the right florist – and the right flowers – to celebrate your happy union.

First and foremost, do know what it is that you want in terms of style. There are plenty of traditional options such as roses, but many couples are opting for more contemporary styles. The Style Team by Brett Currell is capable of crafting both traditional and contemporary floral arrangements for any wedding style, so be sure to speak with your wedding florist as you consult on design ideas to agree on the perfect option to match your colour scheme, theme, and the atmosphere that you are looking for, whether you want something stylish and elegant or a little bit more whimsical and fun.

Consulting Your Mornington Peninsula or Melbourne Wedding Florist

One thing to remember when working with The Style Team as your wedding florist in Mornington Peninsula or Melbourne is that they are far more than just suppliers. They are artists, and each floral piece is a work of art. As you begin speaking with your florist regarding what you want for your wedding, be sure to have more in mind than the type of flowers you would prefer for the big day. Also consider the artistic style you are interested in. You may even consider bringing in other decorative elements that will be a part of the wedding, or photographs of the venue if available. This will allow your wedding florist to come up with something perfectly suited to the rest of the ceremony and reception.

Also remember that during your initial consultations with your wedding florist, you will want to provide them with information regarding the number of people who will be at the ceremony, the size of the space, and your overall floral budget. As you plan your wedding, whether it will be in Mornington Peninsula or Melbourne, the wedding florist will want to have a good idea of any extra floral arrangements or pieces that may be necessary because of the venue space that they have chosen. Because of their expertise in wedding styling, The Style Team by Brett Currell may be aware of factors that you aren’t, which can help enhance the overall wedding experience.

When you get ready to meet your Melbourne or Mornington Peninsula wedding florist, consider preparing a folder with photographs of flowers you like, arrangements that appeal to you, and of course photographs of other design elements already prepared for the wedding.